5 Tips to Prevent Winter Facial Redness

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As Melbourne weather does it's best to freeze us all to death, it's only natural to want to give the hot tap an extra twist in the shower.  

Generally we keep our body heat on the inside, to warm our organs and the cockles of our wee Melbournian hearts.  

When you heat up quickly (hot shower, air con, sauna anyone?)  your body needs to lose heat quickly, so as not to cook your insides and keep those organs safe.  

So your hot blood comes to the outer edges of Planet Bod, to the region known as your skin, where the heat can evaporate away.  

Now in order to get that blood to the surface where it can cool off, all the tiny little blood vessels in your skin have to open up - and fast. 

If you have so much as the slightest fragility in your skin, these stressful circumstances might cause your blood vessels to spring a leak.  Tiny bits of blood leak into surrounding skin and your face looks red.   

In the advanced stages, you might hear it called 'broken capillaries' or 'dilated capillaries'.  Either way, it means your blood vessels aren't coping with rapid demands to open & close, and their walls need some fortifying. 

5 Tips to save your skin from winter redness

1.  Avoid very hot showers, baths and face washers

2.  Don't put your face under the stream of shower water

3.  Wear a scarf to protect your face when you first walk out from a warm house to a cold street

4.  Wear thicker creams to ensure a physical barrier on the skin surface.  This reduces the effect of cold air physically hitting the skin by putting a small buffer between you and the cold, harsh winter world

5.  Keep your skin fibres renewing & strong, because they hold the blood vessel walls stable.  Serums full of peptides such as O Cosmedics Pure Age Defiance, EGF Booster and DP Dermeceuticals Antioxidant Cocktail are all peptide serums which help keep capillary walls healthy.  

Best treatments for Facial Redness

Dermapen - breaks down already-damaged blood vessels so they can be taken away by the body's own natural waste-removal methods.  At the same time, triggers a production increase of firming fibres, giving the blood vessel walls reinforcement against further leaking.  Thickens the collagen layer of the skin to hide redness from view whilst simultaneously firming, smoothing and improving hydration.  

Enzyme Peel - often facial redness is simply a skin eco-system out of balance.  Enzyme peels wipe away the out-of-control bacterial colonies, and let the happy settlers of skin flora and fauna come back to re-forest the area, if you will.  Skin is instantly less red, calmer and better hydrated by the time you walk out the spa door.  

GemLight -  lie down and let hundreds of tiny, pretty lights shine on your face.  The light is painless and relaxing, reaching inside each cell giving a burst of energy.  Cells use the energy to restore vibrance to all systems.  While you nap, skin performs self-calming, self-balancing energy work.  LED is the reiki of the facial world, very hands-off and almost a spiritual vibe, but with clinical papers to back it up.  

Post script.  In some skin conditions very cold water and even ice can be helpful, but keep that under your hat for another time and another post.  

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