How to Get Beautiful Skin

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Beautiful skin is the most stylish accessory.  There's nothing like silky, pure, velvety, flawless skin to make you look and feel alluring.

People go to huge lengths to achieve this, often with very little result.  Why is this?

The main reason is that they're doing it in bits and pieces.  T
ry this!  Follow this blogger!  This woman says this worked for her!  New luxury launch!

No wonder your skincare isn't working!  Here's how to do it...

#1  Start a relationship with a facialist

You will know when you've found them - they'll speak your language, have the hands of an angel, detail your skin.  This relationship should begin with a great consultation, that has you saying 'I never knew that, it makes a lot of sense'.

#2   Let your facialist choose your skincare

Most skin problems are caused by the wrong skincare.  People waste a lot of money 'trying' things they heard worked for someone else.  Someone else is not you.  Let your facialist choose every single thing that every touches your face, she has trained her entire career to do it. 

#3  Use anti-aging products now

In skincare, ageing isn't the passage of time, it's a breakdown in cell function.  This is happening to everyone from around age 14.  Everyone should use 'anti-ageing' ingredients now. 

#4   Do every step of the routine - that's not 3, it's 7

Australian women have a bad habit of skipping steps.  We like 'fast' 'easy' and 'multi-use' so our skincare marketing has lied to us a bit, and told us this actually works.  It doesn't.
Different products are needed to address the different depths we want them to reach.
In comparison to us, Korean women typically use 13-16 steps in their skincare.  That's unnecessary too, but somewhere in the middle is about right. 

There should be a step to cleanse, exfoliate, get corrective nutrients down the dermis, protect the epidermis from water loss & pollution, protect the eye area, protect from UV and even the tone cosmetically.  This is not 3 steps.  It's impossible to do in less steps without sacrificing something in terms of effectiveness. 

Here's an example of a complete routine for a 40 year old woman concerned with anti-aging:

* Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser
* Antioxidant Hydra Mist
* Eye Correct Cream with light-deflecting brightening tint
* Pure Age Defiance Serum
* Immortal Cream
* Mineral Pro SPF 30+
* Evidence Anti-Pollution Foundation Base

* Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser
* (Exfoliating Cleanser 1-2 times per week)
* (3 in 1 Fruit Peel Mask 1-2 times per week)
* (DNC Roller Device - to increase penetration of serums applied after it - 1-2 times per week)
* Antioxidant Hydra Mist
* EGF Booster Serum
* B3 Serum
* Eye Fusion Eye Gel-Cream 
* Immortal Cream
* (Potent Retinol 0.5% added to the Immortal Cream 1-2 nights per week)

* Skintrition Bio Collagen 2 x daily
* Skintrition Spirulina Plus 2 x daily
* Skintrition EFA Max 2 x daily

What you will note about this skincare routine that is different to your 1990s cleanse/tone/day cream/night cream regimen, is that we use the same cream for morning and night.  There is NO DIFFERENT function at night, this is non-science.
We DO however have different eye creams day and night, because eyes tend to get puffier if we use light creams at night, it's best to use a gel followed by a thick cream.  This gives a 'fill & seal' effect.  During the day eye cream is there to protect from pollution so it's best to have the one medium weight eye cream.  This is totally optional though, many of our guests use only 1 eye cream and they're happy with that.

The other notable thing is that 4 of the evening steps are only performed a few times a week: exfoliate, mask, DNC roller, retinol.  This is a more intensive routine on just a few days to kick the skin up a notch and keep it renewing.

While this may seem HUGE to some people, you're probably doing the same number of steps in makeup.  These products are all simply gel or cream that you swipe on, taking mere seconds.

#5  Use skincare foundation

Foundation comes in 2 camps: 
 - Commercial makeup that is designed to LOOK amazing at almost any cost.  Use this for your wedding makeup. 
-  And foundation designed with the skin in mind first and foremost.  Use this for everyday.  We love Evidence Anti-Pollution Base, available exclusively here at Natashas Skin Spa.

#6  Move your body

Walking will move the fluids around in your body, creating cleaner skin from the inside out.  This is via the lymphatic system, the stormwater drainage of your bod .

#7  Do weight bearing exercise

Either lift weights, do yoga or pilates to use your major muscle groups. This stimulates the secretion of growth hormone, which helps you produce new firming collagen fibres in the skin.
This is a key decider in how well a person ages. 

#8 Stop eating silly diets, but reduce animal product

Stop eating trendy diets, doing detoxes, or restricting like crazy.  We see skins age VERY quickly when people do this.  It can happen in mere weeks.  We do recommend cutting down dairy & meat, as there is sound research showing dairy damages skin due to the growth factors contained in it.  For acne it's a terrible thing.  Most of us eat too much meat in this modern world and our intake exceeds what we actually need, but talk to your dietician if you're unsure.  Stick to a balanced diet rich in grains and at least 5 serves of fruit & veges a day.   

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