Natashas Guide to the Fool-Proof Spray Tan for The Emirates 2017 Melbourne Cup

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There are few occasions more deserving of a Spray Tan than the 2017 Emirates Melbourne Cup Day at Flemington Racecourse.

You might think 'I don't need a tan' but ultimately?  Everyone is going to have a tan!  Even if you 'don't usually spray tan' this is the one day being white will really make you feel pasty & under-dressed.

Getting a spray tan booking is easy, but getting a great Spray Tan result is not so simple. 

Here's what your experienced spray tan gurus here at Natashas Skin Spa want you to know...

1.  Preparation is key.  

You've heard 'exfoliate beforehand' a thousand times, but what that actually MEANS is:
Exfoliate twice a day for 5 days prior to your first tan of the season. 
Use sugar glow by Pure Fiji Spa because it contains firstly a rough, grainy sugar that will manually rub away dead skin cells, and secondly as it works, the sugars melt into the skin and dissolve the bonds between the layers of skin.  This gives a second, deeper exfoliation without any further abrasion. 

Remember, a granule doesn't know the difference between a live cell and a dead cell - it scratches into them all.  
So you want to really limit your reliance on granules alone for exfoliation, or you'll end up with a thoroughly traumatised skin that is smooth - for a few days - but ultimately dryer, damaged, and quickly becomes dehydrated. 

On the day of your tan you should not - must not - exfoliate.  You mustn't shave, moisturiser, anything. 
All you're allowed to do is get in the shower and wash your hair first, then you can wash your body using the Tuscan Tan pH Balanced Body Wash. 

Why are we so crazy about this? 
Because body wash - yes, even your hipster farmers market one - change the skins pH level every time they're used.  
So how can a scientist make a tan that works on your skin pH when that could be ANYTHING?  
Every time you wash, you rip the pH level down to alkaline, and skin has to secrete acidic substances like oils & sweat to get it back up to the right pH again.  This takes time, not product. 

You need to wash the night before and let skin pull the pH back to normal overnight.  

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