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A huge challenge for most of our guests, eating regularly is important if you want healthy skin. 
By eating healthy snacks regularly, you keep your insulin hormone level more stable, and in you can stop a lot of the hormonal effects freaking out your skin. 
This is especially important if you suffer any type of acne, inflammatory condition or are having change-of-life symptoms. 

You've heard that 'preparation is key' for a healthy diet approach, but frankly most of our guests are lucky to have a few hours a week to prepare food.  We recommend taking 40 minutes a fortnight to prepare these balls, then stashing bags of them all over your life - the desk drawer at work, in your handbag, your gymbag, briefcase, in the car - just hide bags of them EVERYWHERE. 

Disclaimer:  you will find a trillion reasons why these balls aren't perfect.  Yes they have dried fruit, and on a perfect diet you don't eat loads of that, but this amount isn't going to hurt you.  And they are not super-low-kilojoule, but you need kilojoules to survive, darling!  The point is, for those who miss meals and don't eat, or who buy processed snacks, this is a great option that will get you digesting and eliminating well, plus taste great and not make a mess when you eat them.  Work-perfect!

This recipe makes a huge 56 balls, so you can just make a million of them on that one day you DO have an hour, then feel smug all week as you realise you have something delish ready every time your tummy rumbles.  

If you buy all these ingredients at Coles, buying home brand where possible, you will spend under $10, plus the Bestow Beauty Powder if you choose to add that magical powder to your mix.  At 17 cents a ball, that's one nutrient- & cost-efficient snack baby. 



4 cups almond meal - whack the almonds in the blender or use a swizzle stick to break them up if you have whole almonds to hand
32 Pitted Dates or 1 big bag.  Cut them up into small bits with either a knife, or a pair of kitchen scissors for speed
You can replace the dates with any dried fruit, or add in any dried fruits like cranberries, sultanas, prunes, etc. 
8 Tablespoons of Peanut Butter (or cashew, almond or hazelnut butter)
8 Tablespoons of chia seeds 
4 cups Dessicated Coconut
4 cups Rolled Oats
Liquid of choice:  almond, rice or oat milk.  A 1/4 cup is enough, and you may not need it all. 
2 Tablespoons Bestow Berry Beautiful Powder, or Be Cleansed Powder, available here

Get your netflix ready, throw it all in a bowl except for the liquid.  
Put a towel down where you're going to sit, add in a few tablespoons of liquid at a time, and mix it up with your hands.  Just pick up handfuls and give them a good mix and squeeze.  
Only add enough liquid to make it stick together, not enough to make it doughy.  
Roll into balls and stack into your containers or bags. 

Quite therapeutic, really. 


**Benefits for your skin include: 
Oats give you better bowel movements, making sure the walls of the bowels get wiped clean on the way out.  This means better gut health and therefore better nutrient absoprtion. 
Antioxidants and vitamins from dried fruits, nuts and seeds.
Essential Fatty Acids from nuts, which your body uses to build anti-inflammatories to naturally fight inflammation in the skin.  Inflammation is the 'primary condition' which precedes all other skin conditions, so no matter what your skin stage you will benefit from the addition of some extra Essential Fats. 
Regular food intake keeps insulin levels stable.  Insulin is a hormone which, like all hormones, affects the production of the other hormones in the body.  Because hormones are chemical messengers that affect the skin in myriad ways, keeping the hormones healthy should be a primary focus of your dietary goals. 
This is just one simple way you can start the journey. 

More soon, stay tuned bliss-ballers!
xx Team Natashas Skin Spa xx

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