What is Dermal Rolling?

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Dermal Rolling is a transformative treatment for the deep layers of the skin responsible for shape, form and tightness.    On the face It is for surgery scars, acne scars, lines, wrinkles, sagging. On the body it is for scars & stretch marks.

How does it work? 

First, it breaks down knotted, badly formed collagen, smoothing the tissue instantly.
Next, it triggers massive new collagen formation. Up to 400% new collagen can be formed from a single treatment. This firms & tightens the skin using it’s own fibres.

Does it last? 
Yes.  Because it is your own tissue being created & not an injection, you get to keep these results.

Is it safe? 
Dermal rolling has a 20 year safety record. Natashas has offered this treatment for 13 years. It is proven.
It is completely painless and safe.

Where can it be used? 
It can be used on the face including right up under the eyes, the neck, chest, any area of the body.

We have before & afters in clinic to show you the exceptional skin changes achieved.

No other treatment can achieve such beautiful results without surgery, heat or discomfort. All the other options at this level of skin transformation involve heat, eg. fraxel or thermage. Because Dermal Rolling has no heat, it is free of the risks & side effects, making it the single most effective, safe, reliable treatment for deep rejuvenation that exists in clinics today.

This is typical of the results achieved on a post-natal belly with skin needling.  

Allow 1 hour.

$399 per treatment for any one area.  Face is counted as one area, as is tummy, inner thighs (both) hips, sometimes body areas can be combined, it requires a personalised consultation to discover what is right for you.

Purchase 1 Treatment for $399.

Purchase 3 treatments and pay $350 each.

Purchase 6 treatments and pay $300 each.

Watch the person who trains us - Lia Trebilcock from Inskin Cosmedics - perform Dermal Rolling using our sterile method. 

See Dermal Rolling in action

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