Winter Beauty Therapies Worth Having

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Winter is a great time to do the big renovation type treatments.  This might mean:

* Permanent Hair Removal
Most people need 6 treatments.  We're seeing a lot of people coming in for the first time who've already had 7, 8 and some up to 12 treatments at other clinics.  Why is this?  The machines are set to lower power to avoid inexperienced staff from burning you.  This means hairs are weakened but never cleared, and the hair actually becomes untreatable.  This is so common, we just cannot warn you enough of the waste of money from cheap laser.  It's unlikely to hurt you, but it can definitely drain your pocket for no good reason.  We offer Lumenis equipment, which not only removes hair extremely fast - 1 session gives a HUGE result and people usually come back utterly shocked at what we've achieved - but it rejuvenates the skin as it goes.
from $30

* Dermapen Microneedling
Breaks down scars, increases collagen, makes the depths of skin nice & thick plumping, smoothing & firming.  The hottest treatment at Natashas this winter and definitely the most popular right now.  Feels like tiny vibrating prickles over the skin surface. Up to 2 days of mild pinkness then up to a week of mild dryness.  Results are seen over the coming 12 weeks, so do it now to be firmed up for Spring.  
30 min $299

* Body Contouring Express
Tightens up loose saggy body skin and smooths cellulite by wringing out the fat of waste and excess fluid.  After your initial session your cellulite will definitely look worse, but a few days later you'll see it smooth out.  One treatment will give a nice result for a pre-party tighten-up, but the best change is seen with 2 x 30 min sessions a week for 5 weeks.
20 min $99

* Photo Rejuvenation
Clears sun damage, blood vessels & redness, rosacea and acne.  Firms the skin making new collagen.  Tightens pores.  Feels like slight flicking on the skin, leaves it mildly warm for up to 3 hours, pink for up to 5 hours. 
If you're having it done for sun damage be aware that the brown spots will come to the surface and look like coffee granules on the top of the skin for a few days.  Then they fall off leaving clear, milky skin.
Do it in winter when the UV levels are low.  You'll need 1-3 treatments for best results.
20 min $249 face | $299 face/neck/decolletage

* Seasonal Skin Scan & Plan
The weather has changed and so has your skin.  Book a skin analysis appointment with our friendly experts and ensure all purchases this winter are a valid investment in your skin health.  Includes woodslamp analysis and a take-home recommendation for the best products and treatments for your goals.
$55 redeemable on skin care purchased on the day.  Complimentary for existing skincare users.

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