Disappear Concealer

  • $32.00

A matte, oil-free, opaque concealer that camouflages distractions such as acne, scars, tattoos, veins and port wine stains and contains ingredients that may help to clear blemishes.

• State-of-the-art liposome formula contains so much pigment that two layers will cover almost everything, including black tattoos.
• Contains Superoxide Dismutase (a copper-containing protein enzyme that decomposes free radicals) and the potent antioxidant Green Tea Extract. Green Tea Extract is not just an antioxidant – it has also been documented to combat acne bacteria.
• Patented applicator that allows application directly onto the skin.

Key ingredients:
Superoxide Dismutase: – Protects
Green Tea Leaf Extract: – Calms – Protects – Provides a natural antiseptic
Vitamin C: – Helps to reverse UV damage – Protects – Suppresses melanin formation